Wedding photography is limited by the off-season and different local customs. At present, there are few national wedding photography teams that can receive weddings from all over the country.
    And the cost of team costs, can not make the team bigger, become a super studio model, and even a national chain of brands.
    Therefore, a studio team of one year, the highest income is only tens of millions of water, can not generate hundreds of millions of business value like other fields. After deducting the cost, millions of income may be the best culmination of the current industry.
    So if you want to make a fortune, wedding photography is not suitable.
    10. How long can the wedding photographer work in this industry?

    Hpusn Website


    In a small town in Iceland, on the way to dinner, the mobile phone took pictures of the windows of houses.


    Two cyclists appeared at the entrance of the tunnel, adding interest to the disappearing point of sight, thus making the picture present a story.

    The above photos fully illustrate that equipment is not absolutely important, the key is to have a pair of eyes to discover beauty and the ability to respond to the scene.

    Out of comfort zone

    When we shoot a certain subject for a period of time, we will form inertial thinking and skilled shooting methods. When we arrive at the Hpusn Website shooting location, look for the foreground, low angle, small aperture, and press the shutter when the best light is reached. It is very impactful. The blockbuster was born.

    At this time, you will feel that your technology is becoming more mature, you can shoot on the spot in an orderly manner, and you can produce the film in any environment. But many people don't realize that this inertial shooting method puts themselves into an inherent frame, unwilling to break through, unwilling to change their inherent shooting thinking, and unwilling to try new shooting methods.

    I believe that most landscape photography enthusiasts have had this stage, including myself. When I realize this problem and force myself to change and break through, new attempts sometimes lead to shooting failures, but they broaden the Hpusn Website shooting thinking.

    Putting down the ultra-wide angle that can bring a sense of security and filming protection, picking up the middle and telephoto, and looking for new perspectives in a different way of thinking from the past, I found that nature is not only the foreground, the midrange and the distant view, but also many The beauty and delicacy that have not been seen before.

    Partial view of waterfall with medium focal lens

    Telephoto lens for seascape shooting

    The waves in the morning light

    Discover points of interest

    The photographic eye is closely related to the photographer's ability to compose, discover and arrange the picture. The easiest mistake for beginners is to take photos of all the scenes, resulting in a messy picture. When playing back photos, I always feel that the beauty is far from shocking as I saw on the scene, which is caused by the inclusion of too many sceneries when shooting. A photo with too much content can make people feel incomprehensible. It has everything but it seems to express nothing and lack a clear theme.

    So we shouldn't rush to press the shutter when shooting, first ask ourselves: What is the subject I want to show in this photo? ? In this way, when shooting, we will pay attention to remove some unnecessary and interfering elements to highlight the subject. The choice of the subject is very important. It needs to have both colors and colors. In layman's terms, it should be a beautiful, interesting, and attractive scene.

    ring light with phone stand

    The wedding photography industry has only developed in China for 10 years. It has been photographed since the first generation of wedding photographers, and now it is almost 40 years old.
    But this industry has relatively developed a lot.
    In 2018, 10.11 million new couples were registered in the whole country. There are no more than 3 million new couples who will find a wedding photographer. There are still many new people who cannot distinguish between photography and video. There may be no more than 300,000 in the ring light with phone stand country. This is a professional wedding photographer.
    As more and more new people contact wedding photography, there will be greater market demand in the follow-up to sum up.

    iphone video tripod

    We started out in this pit because of our love for wedding photography, and we struggled to the present. Many of the partners who have fought side by side have already been transformed to do other work. The best Jun himself, from the first contact with wedding photography 9 years ago, and later became a wedding photographer, and persisted until now, struggling, fleeing, and enjoying the sense of accomplishment brought by this profession.
    We don't want to pour some chicken soup for you. Brainwashing you should give up everything you have to try this job.
    We sincerely welcome more newcomers to become wedding photographers, but just hope that you can be more rational when making choices.
    Wedding photography is a career, not a moment of love. It can't last long with emotion alone. If you want to continue in this iphone video tripod industry, please be sure to constantly improve your abilities and make your efforts to become a qualified professional wedding photographer.
    You are welcome to share your wedding photography experience and your suggestions in the message.

    Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit

    Robert Adams, born in 1937, is 83 years old in terms of age. Since he seems to be a photographer of the previous era, why is he often mentioned repeatedly when talking about contemporary photography?
    As a big man who cannot be avoided in the history of photography, one of the representatives of "new topography" and expressionless photography aesthetics, Robert Adams has spent 40 years in his photography career shooting man-made landscapes in the western United States. He has always It is a hot IP in the field of art photography.
    American photographer Gregory Crewdson (Gregory Crewdson) said that his photos shaped people's understanding of the Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit American landscape. In 2009, he won the Hasselblad International Photography Award, which rated him as "one of the most important and influential photographers in the past four decades."
    Why does Robert Adams's work look plain and unremarkable, but it has no power?
    Not everyone can understand his works, but those who resonate are very fascinated. There are many reasons why his works show such a face.
    For example, he takes ideas first, pays attention to daily life, and draws on the Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit
    heritage of American 19th century and modern photography, but he does not express his critical attitude extremely.

    Portable Photography Light Kit

       I took photos of them next to tall trees. They held their precious water containers. This symbolized the beauty and power of life and also proved that there is water in the depths of the land.
       Ali 2000 Onus exhibited everything in a large gallery in the center of Milan, Italy, including notebooks, my photos, and selected pictures of children.
    13|Jerika, from the series "Secrets from the Magic Box" (Secrets from the Magic Box), on the back of the photo: Jerika (12 years old), "I like photography", 2010 © Elena Givone
       Later, these works were auctioned to raise funds for the Portable Photography Light Kit
    construction of new wells in Mali. For me, this is a magical moment. Photography has become a meeting, a participation, a real and concrete tool to support initiatives dedicated to the welfare of the unfortunate.
    14|Fataumata, from the "Secrets from the Magic Box" series, on the back of the photo: Fataumata (10 years old), "I like reading", 2010 © Elena Givone
       The last series I want to discuss is based on a Syrian refugee camp. This work returns to childhood dreams and ambitions. How did you conceive? (Picture 15 ~ 18)
      Elena Givone: By 2016, the refugee crisis in Europe has become more serious. I think I should do something for the children who are locked up in the Greek refugee camps. This is how I became a "Refugee Bunny Rafi". This is a story about a little refugee rabbit looking for a new home.
    15|Dilbar, from the series "Kids from Aleppo" (Kids from Aleppo), on the back of the photo: Dilbar (7 years old), "I want to have a new home and many friends", 2016 © Elena Givone
    16|Hekmet, from the Portable Photography Light Kit "Kids from Aleppo" series, on the back of the photo: Hekmet (9 years old), "I want to take a helicopter to help everyone", 2016 © Elena Givone
       I want to share stories about compassion, unity and optimism, and create dreams of a better future for these Syrian refugee children. Therefore, I created an art studio called "Hope and Dream"

    Ring Light for Makeup Artist

    Robert Adams could not turn a blind eye to mankind's wanton destruction of nature, and could not keep silent about the scars of everyday society. This kind of compassionate sentiment forced him to resort to photography. While worrying about reality, he still had expectations for the future of mankind. It was expressionless, calm, and contradictory and reserved.
    He drew a lot from Timothy O’Sullivan’s early explorations, and was influenced by Edward Hope, Eugene Ajay, Dorothea Lange, and Edward Weston. El Adams and Walker Evans have a subtle bond, but in the Ring Light for Makeup Artist
    final analysis, Robert Adams is more like a disciple of Alfred Stiglitz.
    In my opinion, the iteration of the photographic aesthetics school is not about the back waves flooding the front waves, nor is it that the chasm cuts apart sections of history, since then, it is like a dark river that seems to disappear somewhere but disappears from Other places gush out of the ground, but in fact it has always been the Ring Light for Makeup Artist same river rushing because of continuous absorption, evolution, and development.

    Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod

    Why is Robert Adams so important in the history of photography?
    For the big river of American landscape photography, the upper reaches originated from the early western exploration of Timothy O’Sullivan and others, and the middle reaches were a direct reproduction of Ansel Adams and others. After passing through the "landscape towards society", enter The "new topography" in the downstream, and then the two branches of "new color photography" and "highway photography" gradually merged, merged and evolved, and became a complete development and iteration of photography.
    What is constantly changing along the way is the landscape, but also the photographer's attitude towards nature and the attitude towards human development. Robert Adams is a photographer who inherited from the past, he is the starting coordinates of the lower reaches of the river in American landscape photography.
    The theme of the new topography exhibition, artificially changed landscapes, has profoundly affected the development of world landscape photography, including China, which has accelerated its modernization process after the Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod
    As a latecomer, we encountered a similar predicament that our predecessors encountered half a century ago, and produced similar thoughts and emotions. We also tried to resort to photography to express. We met unexpectedly and resonated with each other, which made Robert Adams. The concept and form of "Shenzhen" have been continuously reviewed, studied and imitated as examples, directly affecting the Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod appearance of contemporary Chinese landscape photography.

    Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit

    As the starting landmark in the field, the path that the forerunner traverses is always paid tribute, and so far there are few breakthroughs.
    Is Robert Adams' "paradox" a case or a common phenomenon?
    Discussions and disputes about him never stop. But Robert Adams is not an isolated case, he is a manifestation of this trend in the field of photography.
    The root of these phenomena is that after the Second World War (especially Duchamp), the drastic changes of the times led to the transformation of art, which is the dividing line between modern art and contemporary art. Photography followed the painting, completed the exploration of its own language, began to turn its attention from the autonomy of art to the attention to the society, from "imitation" and "reproduction" to "expression".
    Robert Adams straddles modern photography and contemporary photography. He has practiced Stiglitz's two concepts of "directness" and "equivalence", moving on from the objective representation of photography to subjective expression.
    His works, new topography,Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit
    and the current landscape photography affected by it are like a mirror, illuminating the overstretched modernizers in the Anthropocene era, the scars left on the earth, the pain they brought,Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit and the anticipation of himself. Stay in the future.

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