Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod

Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod

Why is Robert Adams so important in the history of photography?
For the big river of American landscape photography, the upper reaches originated from the early western exploration of Timothy O’Sullivan and others, and the middle reaches were a direct reproduction of Ansel Adams and others. After passing through the "landscape towards society", enter The "new topography" in the downstream, and then the two branches of "new color photography" and "highway photography" gradually merged, merged and evolved, and became a complete development and iteration of photography.
What is constantly changing along the way is the landscape, but also the photographer's attitude towards nature and the attitude towards human development. Robert Adams is a photographer who inherited from the past, he is the starting coordinates of the lower reaches of the river in American landscape photography.
The theme of the new topography exhibition, artificially changed landscapes, has profoundly affected the development of world landscape photography, including China, which has accelerated its modernization process after the Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod
As a latecomer, we encountered a similar predicament that our predecessors encountered half a century ago, and produced similar thoughts and emotions. We also tried to resort to photography to express. We met unexpectedly and resonated with each other, which made Robert Adams. The concept and form of "Shenzhen" have been continuously reviewed, studied and imitated as examples, directly affecting the Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod appearance of contemporary Chinese landscape photography.