Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit

Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit

As the starting landmark in the field, the path that the forerunner traverses is always paid tribute, and so far there are few breakthroughs.
Is Robert Adams' "paradox" a case or a common phenomenon?
Discussions and disputes about him never stop. But Robert Adams is not an isolated case, he is a manifestation of this trend in the field of photography.
The root of these phenomena is that after the Second World War (especially Duchamp), the drastic changes of the times led to the transformation of art, which is the dividing line between modern art and contemporary art. Photography followed the painting, completed the exploration of its own language, began to turn its attention from the autonomy of art to the attention to the society, from "imitation" and "reproduction" to "expression".
Robert Adams straddles modern photography and contemporary photography. He has practiced Stiglitz's two concepts of "directness" and "equivalence", moving on from the objective representation of photography to subjective expression.
His works, new topography,Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit
and the current landscape photography affected by it are like a mirror, illuminating the overstretched modernizers in the Anthropocene era, the scars left on the earth, the pain they brought,Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit and the anticipation of himself. Stay in the future.