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    In a small town in Iceland, on the way to dinner, the mobile phone took pictures of the windows of houses.


    Two cyclists appeared at the entrance of the tunnel, adding interest to the disappearing point of sight, thus making the picture present a story.

    The above photos fully illustrate that equipment is not absolutely important, the key is to have a pair of eyes to discover beauty and the ability to respond to the scene.

    Out of comfort zone

    When we shoot a certain subject for a period of time, we will form inertial thinking and skilled shooting methods. When we arrive at the Hpusn Website shooting location, look for the foreground, low angle, small aperture, and press the shutter when the best light is reached. It is very impactful. The blockbuster was born.

    At this time, you will feel that your technology is becoming more mature, you can shoot on the spot in an orderly manner, and you can produce the film in any environment. But many people don't realize that this inertial shooting method puts themselves into an inherent frame, unwilling to break through, unwilling to change their inherent shooting thinking, and unwilling to try new shooting methods.

    I believe that most landscape photography enthusiasts have had this stage, including myself. When I realize this problem and force myself to change and break through, new attempts sometimes lead to shooting failures, but they broaden the Hpusn Website shooting thinking.

    Putting down the ultra-wide angle that can bring a sense of security and filming protection, picking up the middle and telephoto, and looking for new perspectives in a different way of thinking from the past, I found that nature is not only the foreground, the midrange and the distant view, but also many The beauty and delicacy that have not been seen before.

    Partial view of waterfall with medium focal lens

    Telephoto lens for seascape shooting

    The waves in the morning light

    Discover points of interest

    The photographic eye is closely related to the photographer's ability to compose, discover and arrange the picture. The easiest mistake for beginners is to take photos of all the scenes, resulting in a messy picture. When playing back photos, I always feel that the beauty is far from shocking as I saw on the scene, which is caused by the inclusion of too many sceneries when shooting. A photo with too much content can make people feel incomprehensible. It has everything but it seems to express nothing and lack a clear theme.

    So we shouldn't rush to press the shutter when shooting, first ask ourselves: What is the subject I want to show in this photo? ? In this way, when shooting, we will pay attention to remove some unnecessary and interfering elements to highlight the subject. The choice of the subject is very important. It needs to have both colors and colors. In layman's terms, it should be a beautiful, interesting, and attractive scene.
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