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    Portable Photography Light Kit

       I took photos of them next to tall trees. They held their precious water containers. This symbolized the beauty and power of life and also proved that there is water in the depths of the land.
       Ali 2000 Onus exhibited everything in a large gallery in the center of Milan, Italy, including notebooks, my photos, and selected pictures of children.
    13|Jerika, from the series "Secrets from the Magic Box" (Secrets from the Magic Box), on the back of the photo: Jerika (12 years old), "I like photography", 2010 © Elena Givone
       Later, these works were auctioned to raise funds for the Portable Photography Light Kit
    construction of new wells in Mali. For me, this is a magical moment. Photography has become a meeting, a participation, a real and concrete tool to support initiatives dedicated to the welfare of the unfortunate.
    14|Fataumata, from the "Secrets from the Magic Box" series, on the back of the photo: Fataumata (10 years old), "I like reading", 2010 © Elena Givone
       The last series I want to discuss is based on a Syrian refugee camp. This work returns to childhood dreams and ambitions. How did you conceive? (Picture 15 ~ 18)
      Elena Givone: By 2016, the refugee crisis in Europe has become more serious. I think I should do something for the children who are locked up in the Greek refugee camps. This is how I became a "Refugee Bunny Rafi". This is a story about a little refugee rabbit looking for a new home.
    15|Dilbar, from the series "Kids from Aleppo" (Kids from Aleppo), on the back of the photo: Dilbar (7 years old), "I want to have a new home and many friends", 2016 © Elena Givone
    16|Hekmet, from the Portable Photography Light Kit "Kids from Aleppo" series, on the back of the photo: Hekmet (9 years old), "I want to take a helicopter to help everyone", 2016 © Elena Givone
       I want to share stories about compassion, unity and optimism, and create dreams of a better future for these Syrian refugee children. Therefore, I created an art studio called "Hope and Dream"
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