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    Robert Adams, born in 1937, is 83 years old in terms of age. Since he seems to be a photographer of the previous era, why is he often mentioned repeatedly when talking about contemporary photography?
    As a big man who cannot be avoided in the history of photography, one of the representatives of "new topography" and expressionless photography aesthetics, Robert Adams has spent 40 years in his photography career shooting man-made landscapes in the western United States. He has always It is a hot IP in the field of art photography.
    American photographer Gregory Crewdson (Gregory Crewdson) said that his photos shaped people's understanding of the Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit American landscape. In 2009, he won the Hasselblad International Photography Award, which rated him as "one of the most important and influential photographers in the past four decades."
    Why does Robert Adams's work look plain and unremarkable, but it has no power?
    Not everyone can understand his works, but those who resonate are very fascinated. There are many reasons why his works show such a face.
    For example, he takes ideas first, pays attention to daily life, and draws on the Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit
    heritage of American 19th century and modern photography, but he does not express his critical attitude extremely.
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