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    Geekoto DV2 Heavy-Duty Video Tripod

    How should we respond to the pain of another person? Geekoto DV2 Heavy-Duty Video Tripod
    For example, for refugees, patients, and people living in extreme poverty, are we just pitying and thanking our lives for not being as bad as them?
      Or, just sympathize with their misfortune in your heart? Or, understand their pain and needs and help them alleviate their pain, and respond to their inner sympathy with practical actions?
    01|Armin, born in 1994, shot in Sarajevo, from the series "Beware landmines", 2006 © Elena Givone
       How should photographers deal with this pain? Photojournalists take pictures of suffering groups and show them to the lucky ones. What impact will it have Geekoto DV2 Heavy-Duty Video Tripod? Do these images stimulate change, or just become a spectacle for us to measure our luck?
    02|Sedina, born in 1995, taken in Sarajevo, from the series Beware landmines, 2006 © Elena Givone
       For Italian photographer Elena Givone, what she hopes to arouse is not compassion, but hope, including the hope of those in need and those who can help, and try to change the status quo.
       It can be seen from her works that dreams are not hallucinations produced during sleep, but a description of possibilities and wishes.
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