I don't know if I should write about this topic, it feels a bit heavy.
       I have expressed many times that wedding celebration is not a good business. Overtime is
    what counts, staying up late is what counts, and it’s common for wedding people to spend the night.
    Where is the final way out for the wedding person?
       I have been in the wedding industry for 6 years, and every year I hear that a familiar company or familiar friend has suddenly passed away. Some are quite young and have not yet married.
       all say that the wedding person is "fucking the heart of selling white powder and making money for selling cabbage." When I first entered the wedding industry, I thought this was too exaggerated. Looking at it now, it is true.
    A field worker erected a truss at the entrance of the hotel. The elderly stepped on a screw and lost tens of thousands of compensation; the cameraman paid tens of thousands of sprays when the camera hits the hotel room for overhead shots; the relatives of the newcomers passed by and knocked down the background pole and hit a car The car still pays tens of thousands...This is the real situation I have experienced, but it is not the most cruel.
       The cruelest thing is that all wedding people must know that wedding is not an industry that can be done for a lifetime. As you get older, your competitiveness in this industry will become weaker and weaker.
      The reason is very simple. The age at which you serve customers is basically the same. You have a generation gap.
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